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Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

In Indai people mostly use betel leave just for fun just like how child eat chocolate in same way young people eat betel leaf.

Betel leaf is so famous in India  .Many Bollywood songs are on betel leaf .

In India betel leaf is used in prayer also by reason of it is lucky for marriage.

In many ritual people use betel leaf .betel leaf farming is so famous India.

People take much money while selling betel leaf thats the reason people do betel farming.

Betel leaf is famous in India as "Paan" and fire Paan is very famous in Delhi.People love to eat this.Many people go there for make videos and take photo also as memory.

It control cholesterol | Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

cholesterol problem is normal problem. Cholesterol problem is increasing nowadays many youth face this because

they eat fast food so much and oily food due to that it increase. After eating betel leaf 
it can control  cholesterol.

It is good for skin| Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

It stop acne by reason of it has properties of inflammatory and anti bacteria which is good for skin.

when we apply betel leaf on skin it remove dead skin. Instead of using very costly makeup cream you can apply this on face which will  help to improve your skin.

It control cough| Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

Many people face cough problem . If you are also facing cough problem.

you should eat betel leaf it control your cough problem because it has anti bacteria properties which will help to control your cough problem.

How you can take betel leaf for cough

Take one glass of water and boil it and add ginger and one clove boil

for 3 to 5 minutes after that take this warm water 

I help for weight loss| Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

Many people try for weight loss and  they do yoga some take medicine to loss weight and many more

nevertheless you should eat betel leaf by reason of it will increase metabolic rate
  which will help to reduce fat from your body.

Reduce constipation problem | Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

Betel leaf has many health benefits. If you are fed up with constipation problem and you tried many things including medicine ,

you are not getting relief then you should try betel leaf which will help you to reduce constipation problem because it has antioxidant properties.

How can we take it for constipation problem

Boil betel leaf in one class water and leave it for overnight and take it in the morning before going bathroom.

Mouth freshener | Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

Betel leaf oil will help to ward off mouth smell take one glass of water and add once drop of betel leaf oil and gargle in the morning it will stop mouth smell and you will feel fresh.

Reduce headache Pain | Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

Nowadays headache is normal problem and many people face headache problem and they take medicine to reduce headache pain.

you can apply betel leaf on headache because it has cooling properties. which will make your headache cool and it will reduce your headache pain

Good for digestion | Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

It is good for digestion problem.Many people eat betel leaf after taking heavy food in wedding or parties reason it has  anti-flatulence   properties which is   good for digestion thats the reason people eat after marries.

Reduce pain | Top 10 benefits of betel leaf

You can apply paste of betel leaf on injured which  help to reduce pain.If it is miner apply betel leaf but if they injury is manger you should contact doctor.  

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