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cancer council urges to ditch the ham sandwitch

Cancer is very dangerous disease when it happen to anyone .Treat of cancer take much time and treatment of cancer is very painful when some go through to this process it is second life for them.

Cancer treatment is very costly when medium family people face this disease it is too costly for them. Sometime medium family people die due to less money.

    Health organization saying to people less the meat intake which can be cause of cancer.

    In 2019 cancer council said that limit or avoid meat intake because it can be reason of bowel and stomach cancer.

    World heath organization after observation of four years WHO found that meat is carcinogen.

    cancer council saying that never  you should eat meat or you have it very less.

    Lots of people love it have sam sandwich reason it take very less time to make because most of peoples are working and they get tired 

    and they  don't make healthy food due to time and they have sam sandwich by reason of it take very less time.

    Throw way the sam sandwich

    Strong research saying that there is link between meat and link. Always we should it healthy food which do not harm ours health 
    and kid health.

    Sam sandwich is very unhealthy food we should not give to our kids
    because it can be reason of cancer after research.

    Always say it your children do not eat unhealthy food when they travel around the world or when they go out side.

    Nowadays kinds are love it have junk food it can be unhealthy and it can be reason of any disease so DO NOT allow they them to eat unhealthy food.

    Always say to child to eat healthy food so they can not face any serious disease in future during holiday of them! say to they about
    healthy and motivate them to eat healthy food.

    Give some extra class about food how food can impact ous life which food we should eat and which food we should avoid.

    Because after controlling of our food we can make ous health healthy.

    Now day many jank foods are coming in the market which is not ood for health nevertheless kids are love to have it.

    Instead of giving jank food to kids change kids habit to eat healthy 
    food. Like healthy dry fruits .

    Fry  cashew and add black salt give to them they will enjoy it.It is healthy and may be kids can gain healthy fat which will not harm.

    Kids love to have cashew because after fry it by reason of Test of cashew it become more testy. 

    Peanuts is good for healthy you can give kids to have it. Fry peanuts 
    add black sault and give to them it is good for health.

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