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10 benefits of pumpkin juice

10 benefits of pumpkin juice: pumpkin juice is very good for health. People mostly get pumpkin  in north India.

Pumpkin contain calcium, potassium , magnesium which is good for health.

If you are allergy with milk product and you are not eating milk product then you should eat pumpkin by reason of pumpkin contain calcium.

Milk and milk product have more calcium which is required for body and you are not taking due to allergy then you should have pumpkin which will balance the pumpkin juice.

    It boost immunity | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

    Nowadays different variant of covid -19 is coming in this situation ous immunity should be strong. 

    Many things come in 
    market to boost immunity nevertheless if you believe in natural  things or natural product then you must take pumpkin juice which is chemical free and you can take at your home.

     If you belongs to village area easily you can get it. Always try to get pumpkin at your home. Which will be pure juice.

    Relieve constipation | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

    Constipation is normal problem nowadays even for young people. Many people face constipation problem reason they do not eat on time and they do not sleep on time.

    To overcome your constipation problem you should take pumpkin juice. You can add black salt in your juice then it will more testy so 
    you can take it daily.

    Relieve blood pressure | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

    Blood pressure increasing due to stress at the moment because peoples are working hard and not sleeping on not .

    And do not eat on time thats the reason people face blood problem issue. Under these conditions pumpkin juice is necessary  to overcome your blood pressure.

    Good for skin | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

    Pumpkin has good source of vitamin C and vitamin C is good for skin. 

    Instead of investing so much money to make your skin good you can take pumpkin juice if you are believe in natural product and natural beauty.

    You must take pumpkin juice which has other more health benefits.

    It cool body temperature |  10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

    Pumpkin has properties make body cool and reduce heat from body during hot summer. During hot summer you must take pumpkin juice. 

    Pumpkin juice will make your body cool which will prevent  from heatstroke problem.

    Good for wrinkles | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

     Everyone want to look beautiful and smart due to that people invest so much money on beauty product.

    Everyone knows celebrity go for many surgery and beauty product to look beautiful. Sometime they face side effect too.

    Let use our natural product and home made product that is pumpkin 

    which will prevent wrinkles problem. Pumpkin contain vitamin E it has anti-aging properties. Take pumpkin juice to look young.

    Good for hair growth | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

    90 to 95% people face hair fall problem and hair become so thin if you are facing the same.

    It is good for hair  because it has vitamin A and vitamin A is good for scalp. It contain  potassium which is responsible for regrowth of hair.

    Good for dry hair | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

    It is good for dry hair. It will moisturizing the dry hair and scalp.  

    To make hair silky people use many expensive product and invest so much money on it.

    Few people believe in natural product if you are among of them then you should try this to hair.

    How to apply pumpkin to hair

    • Take one cup juice of pumpkin

      • 2 tablespoon of honey 

      • 2 tablespoon of coconut oil

      • Mix all properly 

        Now you can apply on your hair .After apply you can leave it for 20 minutes and now you can wash it with shampoo.
      After wash it your hair will be silky .This will be your home made conditioner.

      Bring down skin in inflammation | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

      Pumpkin has cooling properties thats why it can treat inflammation on skin.It can give relief after juice when your skin get burn.

      If small insects cut after that you can apply pumpkin juice you can get relief.

      It is good source of vitamin E,vitamin C,vitamin A  it is good healing agent.

      If you are taking regular pumpkin juice it is good for skin and health ,hair.

      Detoxifies  your body | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

      If you are looking for natural way to detoxify your body. It will help to remove toxin from your body. It is good for your skin.

      Reduce sleeping problem | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

      Now many people face sleeping problem "reason" people use social media till late night. Some people watch movie till night due to that people  won't sleep on time.

      Due to sleeping problem some people take medicine if you are facing the same problem.  

       you must take pumpkin juice which will help to overcome sleeping problem.

      Good for urinary infection | 10 benefits of pumpkin juice 

      Most women face this issue if you believe in natural medicine then you should have pumpkin juice.

      If you are facing any serious problem in this situation you should meet doctor meanwhile you can take pumpkin juice.

      One cup of Pumpkin contain

      1. Vitamin A : 171%

      2. Vitamin E : 10%

      3. Vitamin C:17%

      4. Potassium: 394 mg

      5. calcium: 24.4 mg

      6. Fiber :0.6 gm

      7. Protein:1 gm

      How much pumpkin juice i can take a day

      Pumpkin juice you can take twice a day. you can 1/2 cup of pumpkin juice.

      It will be better you can take pumpkin juice after your meal by reason of it will help for good digestion.

       Take in limit only do not take so much it can be reason of stomach upset.

      How to make pumpkin juice 

      • Always try to make juice from pure pumpkin and get the fresh pumpkin.

      • First Peel the pumpkin 

      • After peel the pumpkin make a chop of pumpkin 

      • After chop you can add in mixture and make juice

      • when Juice will ready you can add salt and have it

      How to do farming of Pumpkin at home

      It is so easy to do farming of pumpkin at home. you can get seed from anywhere and pour at your home where you have so much space.

      Daily morning give water it will take one two month and you will get pumpkin at your home.



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