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Benefits of parwal  vegetable

It is green vegetable which is good for health .It has vitamin C and vitamin A.It has good source of carbohydrate . 

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    Benefits of parwal vegetable let see 

     1 It is good for Diabetes 

    If you are diabetes patient.If you are suffering from sugar you should eat Parwal vegetable by reason of it has antihyperglycemic properties which help to reduce sugar level in body.

    Instead of taking many medicine you should try it hope it will help to reduce sugar.You can take green tea too to reduce sugar level in body .Wood apple leaf  also help to reduce sugar in body.

    2 Improve immunity 

    People eat many thing to improve immunity . Many fruits and dry fruits .Some of them take proteins and medicine to improve immunity.

     It improve immunity which is more important nowadays due to covid-19 and it help  to boost immunity system by reason of it  has vitamin C which.

    3 Improve digestion 

    Nowadays many people face digestion problem it happen due to junk food and unhealthy food . if you are facing the same you should eat it You can eat Parwal hope it will help to move 
    digestion problem.

    4.Good for skin

    People use many products for good skin and invest so much many on that.It has vitamin C so it is good for skin.It has properties anti-oxidants 
    which reduce aging .And you will look young if you are eating daily Parwal.

    5 Clean blood sugar

    It has blood purify properties if you are having daily Parwal in your food it will help to purify your blood.

    6 It is good for cholesterol 

    Due to junk food and oily food most of the people face cholesterol problem .If you are facing cholesterol problem due to oily food.

    you should eat Parwal which will help to reduce cholesterol problem.

    It has anti-hyperlipidemic properties which help to reduce cholesterol problem .

    7 Good for constipation 

    Believe me It is big problem who face every morning constipation problem .

    People try many things like hot water ,medicine ,yoga some people get relax nevertheless some of them do not get relax then you should eat Parwal .

    If you are facing constipation problem you should eat Parwal it help to over come constipation.

    It has iron so it can help to reduce constipation problem.

    8 Help to reduce weight 

    Nowadays people do so many things to reduce body weight. Few people do daily yoga to reduce weight and some people do exercise to reduce weight.

     Parwal will help to reduce weight if  you are eating parwal daily it will to reduce weight by reason of it has 0 Carbs.

    where can by pure Parwal

    you can get Parwal in market .If you are more health conscious then you should do farming of parwal which is so easy. You can take seed of Parwal and pour somewhere.

    It will take two to three month  after that you can get your own home farming Parwal which is pure.

    How to store Parwal

    you can wash it and keep in bad later you can use it for 3 month.Or you can keep it in freeze.

    How to eat Parwal

    It is easy to make parwal vegetable. You can cut it in long piece and add cumin and vegetable oil fry it. it will be your healthy vegetable.

    If you love to  eat masala Food then you should boil Parwal and bring out parwal inside ingredient and fry it with Masal then feel it again inside Parwal and fry it .It will be so testy you can have it with Rice or Bread anything. 

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