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Pizza very famous food over all the world .Pizza has been cooked in 2007 and world started to eat this food.

This is art of Neapolitan "Pizzaiuolo".Opening of united national education scientific and cultural organization .

Art of Neapolitan has four different phase related to preparation of dough.During the preparation it has been baked in the wood fire.

Pizza game

You have played many game in life it can been out door game and indoor game.

Nowadays people play game on mobile but now one interesting game has been lunched which you can play

Most of the beloved pizza topping are feature in the pizza game.which type of pizza you ordered .Game challenge will depend on that type pizza slice.

one need to check topping and number of slice is ordered.who will score more they will ween the game.

Pizza is most famous food over all the word which i told you and it is favourite for all age people every one like to have this food.

During lockdown people miss so much pizza because all restaurant.Some has tried pizza at home and they has tried to cooked pizza at home.

Name of pizza which is feature in the game.

Dessert pizza with endless possibilites.

Paneer Tikka Pizza(paneer,capsicum,onion,paprika)

Top yum pizza (cheese,shrimp,mushrooms,chili peppers,lime leaves)

 Mayonnaise Pizza(cheese,salami,Bacon,onion,chili peppers)

Teriyaki Mayonnaise pizza(cheese,teriyaki Chicken,seaweed,mayonnaise)

Hawaiian pizza (cheese,Ham,Pineapple)

Muzzarela pizza (cheese,oregano,whole Green olives)

Calabreasa pizza(Cheese,calabresa,onion rings,whole black, olives)

White Pizza (Cheese,white sauce,Mushrooms,Broccoli)

Prepperoni Pizza(Cheese ,Pepperoni)

Margherita Pizza(Cheese,Tomatoes,Basil)

Southwestern italian city of Naples is known as birthplace of pizza.Pizza dough has been prepared with tomato and cheese.

Story of pizza has been maked record.It is develop economic,margin,and technology advancement. Internationally  pizza are consumed every year 5 Million.



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