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In India You can see almost everywhere Tulsi plant or Holy Basil in everyone house. People do prayer for Holy Basil plant and pour water for prayer. Indian love to take tea with tulsi every day and in most of state of India people add Holy Basil plan leaf in tea it add more test in tea.

It will boost Immunity.

It has antioxidant properties and micronutrients which will help you to fight with cold and cough. Add tulsi in water and boil you can take this warm water after boil it will ward off cold and cough.

It will Prevent insect bites infection

At home if any small insect will bites you .you should apply Tulsi Juice you will get relax after apply this because it has antioxidant property.

It help for high blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure .you can eat tulsi early in the morning. If you are consuming tulsi it will help you to lower the blood pressure.

It will purifies the blood 

This plant is known for purify the blood .If your blood will be purify which is good for healthy skin.if you are consuming tulsi leaf it will flush out toxin and cleansing the digestive system.

Other benefit of Tulsi.

If you are suffering from joint problem then you should try this it will help you to prevent joint pain  problem.If you have mouth ulcer it will help to wad off mouth ulcer .It has many properties which will help you for dental problem also. Digestion  problem nowadays almost everyone face due to heavy food in party or any festival just take Tulsi leaf it will help .

you can make tulsi leaf dry and later you can consume because in hot summer you can not find Tulsi plant everywhere nevertheless it will needed for you in this situation you can keep dry tulsi leaf and later use it.

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