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Capsicum call as "Bell Papers/" also.Bell paper has many many health benefit.

Capsicum has vitamin C and vitamin A.People eat capsicum in many form.People eat capsicum in amny form. This vegetable contain vitamin B6 and floate.

 Capsicum contain antioxidants and capsicum has many color.People can get capsicum in market yellow ,red ,green.Eat daily capsicum and add many benefit of capsicum in your daily life.

Let see "Health benefit of capsicum .It has vitamin C .Capsicum contain collagen which is main structure of protein.

Fourteen gram of collagen has zero gram fat and 12 gram protein.It contain vitamin A,vitamin C  and it contain other mineral. Which is good  for health benefit.

Capsicum is good for bones

Capsicum contain calcium which is good for bones everyone  know calcium is good for bones. Diary products are also good for health.

Capsicum contain vitamin K.Vitamin K is good for bone and  metabolism. Vitamin ward off loss of bones density.

Capsicum improve metabolism

If you want to become slim and lean.you wan to loss your weight then you should include capsicum in your daily food.

Capsicum has low fat and it will increase metabolism if you are including capsicum in your food daily it will help you to burn your fat.

Capsicum is good for eye

It has high Vitamin A which is good for eye vision if you are consuming in sufficient amount.

Then it will help to improve eyes vision by reason of it is source of lutein.Capsicum will save your eyes from cataracts because it has high level of beta carotene and vitamin C.

Capsicum is good for immune system

Capsicum has many health benefit .It will help  to improve immune system by reason of it has vitamin C.

Nowadays, peoples are getting more conscious about immunity system after covid-19 enter over all the world.

Some people take protein to boost immunity system. Consume daily capsicum which will help to boost your immunity system and it has many health benefit.

It reduce cholesterol 

Nowadays due to oily food many people face cholesterol problem.Capsicum lower the cholesterol in your body if it is high in your body .

If you are consuming daily capsicum it will help to reduce cholesterol in your body.Capsicum has antioxidant ,vitamin C and vitamin A.

It has also sulfur compound and Capsicum can reduce your cholesterol naturally after consuming daily in your food.

If you are suffering from cholesterol problem and want to reduce then add capsicum in your daily food.

Capsicum has low carb

As you know capsicum has many health benefit .Capsicum contain vert low carb and it will not raise blood sugar if you are consuming.

If you are eating daily  capsicum and your are suffering from diabetes it will help to reduce your diabetes.

You can get capsicum in market in many shape and color.If you are on diet you can it capsicum by reason of it has low carb.You can consume capsicum in may form.

Capsicum is good for digestion

If you are suffering from digestion problem add capsicum in your daily life it will improve your digestion strength.

How to eat capsicum

You can eat capsicum in many form nevertheless some form are really so famous people love to eat in this form.

Capsicum salad with Rajma

Salad is healthy everyone knows this and people eat salad when they follow strict healthy food diet.

Always salad is the best option for your healthy diet.Add rajma, tomato,carrot and capsicum.

capsicum provide vitamin C which is good for immune system.You can eat this healthy salad in your breakfast or lunch.Rajama give protein to your body.


People can eat capsicum in many form .Capsicum has many health benefit so let add it in daily life.

Most eatable vegetable is  capsicum with pizza pasta noodles.When capsicum  is mi with noodles ,pizza,pasta it make food more delicious.


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