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Stay Home Stay Safe!!.

Tips to care your self during covid-19

As we know this is third Quarantine announced by government of India.

    1 Health care

    Everyone know this is touch time due to covid-19.Its too important to take care our self and as well family,friends,love onces.

    I must say no one saw this situation earlier and hope so this situation will never come again.

    We never thought one day everything will be close mall,market ,bank,cinema hall,transport,and only hospital will be open.

    Due to digital world right now we are surviving we are making us self busy in mobile and social media.

    Do not go outside unnecessary if anything is urgent and in this situation you are go kindly wear mask and gloves.

    Take your self and your near dear ,friends ,family.Try to over come this situation everything will be fine.

    Everyone is getting scared due to this situation.Let do something which will help us to overcome from this situation.

    Eat healthy to increase immunity system of body which will help you to fight with any health issue.

    Most of people is not going in sunlight nowadays nevertheless everyone should get Vitamin D. But we are not getting!!

    So what should we do? we should eat Food that provide Vitamin D

    • Spinach

    It has many health benefit and will help you to boost immunity .It reduce hypertension and has inflammatory.You can consume spinach in may form.

    1.Most eatable form of spinach is after boil this and add some chop green chili and onion mix it properly and add some salt and eat this.

    2.Other form is after boil you can fry this with green chili and onion and eat with chapati or rice.

    3.Some of them like to eat with paneer .In indai it is called as spinach (Palak Paneer).

    4.People can consume it as spinach (palak kajori).

    5.Few people like to have as juice also.You can boil it and bring out spinach and take that water.

    • Turmeric

    It has many specific health benefit and it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which wad off many health issue.People can consume turmeric in many form.

    1.In India people like to eat after add in vegetable and plus .People add turmeric for color in vegetable or plus.

    2.People can consume it in "Kadha" also.

    3.In Indai people apply on face after add in gram-flour.

    4.In Indai marriage ritual can not be happened without turmeric.

    5.In south India only turmeric people apply on face for glow.

    6.If you are suffering from cold and cough badly add turmeric in warm milk and have it twice a day.You will get relax.

    • Oily fish

    It is source of vitamin A and D and It help to reduce blood pressure.It is source of Omega 3-fatty acids.In many form people eat fish.

    1.After fry you can eat fish.

    2.You can consume as carry also.

    • Ginger

    Ginger has many health benefit and it support immunity system.Ginger is source of Vitamin C and magnesium.India most usable paste .People consume in many form.

    1.People like to consume in vegetable mostly.

    2.People like to have with tea.Ginger people like to have during cold summer with tea.Almost everyone like to have ginger tea.India most favorite tea.

    3.People add ginger in "Kadha" also.

    4.Some of people like to have ginger with sugar.First they add sugar in hot pot later they add ginger and they make paste of both .And they consume if some is suffering from cold.

    Exercise( yoga)

    Fitness is more important in this situation to make strong our immunity system of body.

    • Do yoga daily at least early in the morning and evening too if possible

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