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Definitely, everyone is heard daily about curd ."curd" is good for skin. Daily or weekly we listen the lecture from ous mom and grand mom curd is good for heathy skin you should  apply on your face.

Some time we listen and some time we do not listen nevertheless erstwhile we get curiosity to know reason behind curd face pack .

So tell me tell you reason why we apply curd on skin and why curd is good for skin and why should we apply curd on skin.

Now, Almost everyone post his/her photo on social media this is the main reason people take care of skin and hair lot.

"why should NOT" take of skin."we should" because personality always speak.

10 way to use curd for good skin at home

    A "Gram Flour and curd"

    This is most famous "Desi" face pack we use at home and ous Grand mom and mom make at home easily  by reason of easily all ingredient  will be available at home.

    How to make face pack:Take 4 tablespoons of gram flour and 3 tablespoons of curd and mix it properly it should be smooth after mix.Once it will get smooth apply on face.

    What will be benefit:Gram flour and curd will cleanse your face and your skin will be bright.

    B "Turmeric and curd

    Indian maximum food can not cook without  turmeric and indian use turmeric in all marriage rituals.By the way let me tell you Turmeric has antioxidants property which boost immunity system.

    How to make face pack of Turmeric and curd:Add 2 tablespoons of curd and one tablespoons of turmeric power and max it properly.

    what will be benefit:As you know turmeric has antioxidant which will improve your skin glow.

    C "Curd and tomato"

    Tomato contain potassium and Vitamin C.Vitamin C is good for healthy skin .

    How to make face pack of Curd and Tomato:First make paste of tomato and 2 tablespoons of curd and  mix it properly.Now apply on face.

    what will be benefit:After apply this paste on your skin.your skin will glow.

    D "cucumber and curd"

    Cucumber contain vitamin c and you know very well vitamin c is good for skin.

    How to make face pack of cucumber and curd:Make cucumber juice and mix with curd and apply on your face.

    what will be benefit:It will make your skin glow

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