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Garlic has many health benefits and it is important ingredient of kitchen in India.Garlic will add more test to your food in India when people make any delicious food during any festival or party they don't forget to add garlic in food.

People add garlic in two form one can be direct form and other can be paste form.Garlic has properties antibacterial and antiseptic.

It has minerals like zinc potassium, magnesium, including vitamin C,k, thiamine,niacin etc.It prevent cold and cough infection if you are taking 2 to 3 piece of garlic every morning empty stomach then you will get more benefits.

Let see Health benefits of garlic

Reduce cholesterol problem.

Nowadays cholesterol problem almost every one is facing due to oily food and zunck food.Garlic has allicin ,a compound which stop the oxidizing of LDL.That is called bad cholesterol.

    Reduce blood pressure

    Blood pressure problem can be happen due to many problems.One of the main cause is stress Which is normal nowadays due to office and business or sometime family issues .Garlic will help you to reduce blood pressure if you are facing this issue.

    Help to improve digestion problem

    If people attending any party or festival often people face digestion problemIt ward off digestion problem if you are consuming garlic . DON'T EAT MUCH GARLIC. Eat in limit.It destroy bad bacteria Which prevent digestion problem.

    Help to reduce weight loss

    Nowadays many advertisements are going on in the market to loss weight few of them is only getting benefits from all these advertisements nevertheless few of them is not getting any benefits.Garlic It reduce adipose cells which store fat. Weight loss Salad

    Good for hair growth

    It help to improve hair growth .Garlic has anti-microbial which help to kill germs and bacteria.which can damage slap nevertheless if you are eating garlic it will help to grow hair by reason of bacteria will not be there.

    Boost Immunity

    Garlic has zinc which can help to improve immunity.Vitamin C helps fight with infection specially when you have eye and ear infection.

    Good for blood sugar

    If you are suffering from blood sugar problem it can help to improve your health .It has Nitric Oxide which reduce blood sugar.

    Good for teeth pain

    If you are facing teeth pain problem just make juice of garlic and apply on your teeth where your are feeling pain.

    Note:If you have any serious heath issue please concern doctor before taking garlic.

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