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20 low carb food list


    Broccoli is healthy vegetable and it has low carb nevertheless Broccoli has many benefit and other nutrient.It has fiber and protein and contain vitamins C,A,E,K.Broccoli is good source of vitamin B.

    One cup (91 gram) Broccoli contain 6 gram of carbs


    Spinach has low carbs and it contain vitamin C and Vitamin K,magnesium,potassium.It is easy to cook if you are consuming daily spinach it will provide oxygen to your body by reason of it contain iron.

    One cup of spinach contain 7 gram of carbs


    It is source of vitamin c and B9 and it has low carb .Strawberries has antioxidants properties.

    one cup of strawberries contain 11.1g gram of carbs.


    It has low carbs and it has other benefits too.Mushroom contain vitamin B and vitamin D[1],magnesium and it will increase immunity.

    One cup of mushroom (70 grams) contain 2 grams of carbs

    Kidney Beans

    It contain magnesium,potassium and Kidney beans has good source of fiber.It is source of protein

    One cup of Kidney Beans contain 84.8 carb.

    Red bell pepper

    It contain vitamin C,A,E ,Potassium,magnesium.It has antioxidants which will help to fight with many health issue.

    One cup(149 grams) of Red bell peppers contain 9 grams of carbs.

    Cottage cheese

    It contain sodium and vitamin B12 ,selenium.It is good source of protein.If you are consuming it during your diet its good.

    One cup of cottage cheese (226 grams ) contain 6.2 grams carbs.

    Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter has protein and fiber.Peanut contain low carbs and it has vitamin D,potassium it is very delicious.You can eat peanut as snakes.

    One cup of peanut contain 6 grams carbs.


    Tea/Coffee has zero carbs and it is source of many nutrients.Black Tea has many health benefits.Coffee contain protein.Easy to make tea/coffee many people like to have tea and coffee in morning.

    1 cup black tea has 6 gram carb


    Egg has many health benefit.It contain vitamin A,E,K,D .Egg can eat in many form.Egg has almost zero carb.

    One egg (50gram) has o.6 grams carbs.

    Sweet potato

    Sweet potato has vitamin C and vitamin D,vitamin B.Sweet potato has Calcium,Iron,Potassium,magnesium.It is good when people follow diet plan.

    One sweet potato(150 grams) contain 20 gram carbs.

    coconut oil

    Coconut oil contain zero carb.If someone on diet they should use coconut oil in daily cooking because it has zero carb.

    One tea spoon of coconut oil has o grams oil.

    Olive oil

    Olive oil is good for health.It is good if you have cholesterol olive oil will help to get over

    One teaspoon of olive oil has o gram carbs.

    Almond Butter

    Almond has many health benefit and rich in protein

    Qne teaspoon of almond butter has 1 gram carbs

    Pumpkin seed

    Pumpkin seed is good source of protein and it is good for health.It is good for body.it has low carbs

    1/4 cup of seed has 1 gram carbs


    Pistachios contain antioxidants and inflammatory.It has potassium.It is good snack and salty you can have this with your tea

    One cup of pistachios has 4.7 grams carbs.


    Watermelon is summer fruits.Mostly people like to eat in hot summer by reason of it contain so much water which is good for body in hot summer.

    one cup of watermelon contain 12 grams carbs.


    Popcorn has low carbs.Easy to make.Most favorite snack in cinema hall

    3 cup popcorn has 15 grams carbs


    Barries are good for health.It is good source of vitamin C and fiber.It can help to improve health when you are suffering from blood pressure and cholesterol.

    One cup of barries has 15 grams carbs


    Yogurt is good for health.It contain protein and vitamins.It has low carbs

    One cup yogurt has 3.6 grams carbs

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