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10 idea to get fair skin naturally at home.


Everyone want to make skin fair and glow.People use many product to make fair skin or to protect skin even they use many products which are available in market.

Let try home product to get fair skin. If you want to how to get fair skin naturally.

will say about all home products and it will be your own products and chemical free.You can easily make it and all most all ingredients will be available at your home.


    Easily it will be available at anyone home in India people use turmeric in daily food for color.In india marriage ritual can not happen without turmeric.

    Turmeric has many health benefits and it has own properties which are good for skin.Turmeric contain antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory which will clam your face.

    Turmeric can help to reduce dark sport on your face by reason of it has anti-inflammatory properties.

    1 Teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 teaspoon of lemon juice mix it properly .After mix apply on your face and wash with normal water

    Rose water

    If you care skin conscious people then it will be available at your home.Rose water mostly is used for beauty product.

    Rose water has anti-bacteria properties which will help to reduce acne and it has anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce skin redness.

    Normally people use rose water to wash face after add rose water in normal water.and you can add rose water in home made face pack.

    Coconut water

    Coconut has many benefits thats the reason people early in the morning take coconut water and it will help for fair skin naturally.

    Coconut has vitamin B2,vitamin 3 ,vitamin C.You can apply coconut water on face it will help to remove wrinkles and it will reduce rid of scars.


    Tomato contain collagen it is good for skin.Tomato will make your skin soft and it can reduce pores from skin.

    If you are eating tomato it is also good for your body.Eat tomato in form of salad it will be more effective for your body.

    When you are going to take bath before taking bath you can apply a slice of tomato on your faced later wash your face with normal water.


    Milk is best option for skin and it will be available at home easily.It contain vitamin A which help to reduce dry skin problem.

    Add 1 teaspoon of honey in milk and apply on face.after few minutes wash with normal water

    Gram Flour

    Gram flour all most everyone has applied on face by reason of gram flour is everyone mom home made face pack.

    Add 2 teaspoon of gram flour.2Add rose water and turmeric mix properly and make paste.Now apply on face after few minutes wash with normal water

    Aleo vera

    Aleo vera has inti-inflammatory properties which is good for skin.If you apply aleo vera on face it will remove wrinkles from face.

    Aleo vera contain vitamin C,Vitamin E,Vitamin B14.It contain antioxidants.For more benefits of Aleo vera for skin. Click here


    Cucumber contain vitamin C and vitamin K ,fiber,protein.It is good for skin and it make your body cool after eat.Make circle piece of cucumber and keep on your eyes.Make cucumber juice and apply on face it will make your skin soft.


    Papaya contain vitamin A,vitamin C,vitamin E.It has antioxidants properties.Apply peeled papaya on face and wash with normal water.It will help for fair skin.More more benefits of papaya for skin Click here


    Lemon contain vitamin C and citric acid.Apply lemon juice on face it help to get fair skin.

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