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yoga for hair fall control

Nowadays maximum peoples are facing hair fall problem.Peoples are taking medicine,different hair oil product and good nutrients nevertheless may be a few people is getting stop hair fall and a few people is not.Better and easy process do yoga for hair fall control.Do all yoga postures for hair growth

So what should be do? By reason of everyone love hair definitely me too.oh oh Let me tell you one thing proper sleepy can stop hair fall.Sleep on time and wake up on time! click here for hair care

    Yoga to reduce Hair fall naturally

    Rubbing Nails (Balayam yoga)

    when we rub hand nails against each other hand nails known as Balayam yoga pranayam.

    This is the sample and easier yoga which we can do anywhere while walking.Your work place or school,college anywhere.

    Rule to do:

    Bring your both hands nails in contact of each other hands and Curl the fingers of both hand .Start rubbing them for 5 to 10 minutes.

    Diamond Pose (Vajrasana)

    This is also known as thunderbolt pose.Only one yoga which we can do after meals.It keep the spine straight and relax the back.For digestion it helps.

    Diamond pose enables the hair follicles to grow.It will help to improve your self confidence.After doing this yoga you can feel stress less.

    It is so easy you can do this yoga easily.No need to put extra effect.

    Rule to do:

    Hunker down on the floor keep your spine straight and heels together.

    Now you can put your hands on thighs and palms facing down.Sit in relax position and breath in and out for 1 minute.

    Wind Relieving (Paanamuktasna)

    This is most popular and easy yoga for hair growth which you can do.It ward off hair fall and reduce your gas problem also.

    It will help you to release gas from your body.which can be the reason for many health issue.It help to improve digestion problem .

    Acidity and constipation health problem is not good at all who face this problem early in the morning they can feel that pain .

    So Kindly do this yoga to fight with these type of health issue and will help to control hair fall

    Rule to do:

    Sprawl on the floor upwards.Inhale deeply and move your one leg towards your chest.Now hold your knee close to your chest.

    Exhale the air when you are holding the leg then relax.Now keep your leg in a straight position and keep it down slowly.You can repeat this yoga for second leg.

    Do not do this yoga if you are getting recovery from spinal injury or hernia.Pregnant women should not do this yoga.

    Raise log pose (Uttanpadasana)

    Indirectly reproductive system is related to hair growth.By reason of feet are raised while performing this Yoga.

    It will improve your muscles strength .If you are suffering from lower back pain it will help to reduce lower back pain.If you have belly fat which really impact your personality.

    you can wear one peace dress may be you wear nevertheless not look good.Then you should do this yoga to reduce your belly fat and will help to controlhair fall.

    Rule to do:

    Sprawl on the floor.Rest on your arms with your side.Inhale slowly stretch your leg and raise your leg up till 45-60 degree from the floor and simultaneously raise your head.

    As a beginners hold 2 to 3 seconds.Later hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds and release from this position slowly breathe out ,slowly put your leg on the floor.

    Sasangasana (The Hare Posture)

    This Yoga is for hair growth.The Hare Posture (yoga) will help the blood to flow to the head.This yoga will help to control hair fall

    Rule to do:

    Start from the child pose,Bend for forward and touch the crown of your head on the floor and hold your heels with your hands.Do this for 5 breath and come back to the starting position.Hope all yoga will work for hair fall control.


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