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uses of giloy

Giloy boost your immunity system

Again Covid-19 is increasing in this situation and we should take care our self friends and family.Hoping this will decrease as soon as possible.After uses of giloy you can get many benefits in this situation.

Log back in India people used to trust home made medicine ,food ,vegetables and now its coming back again.People started to believe in own farming.Now peoples are using home medicine for fever.

Giloy known as Guduchi in Hindi.It boost the immunity system and Giloy can be used for fever due to its antpytretic.It boost the immunity but test is quite different.

Many product is available in market to boost the immunity Nevertheless while taking this as immunity booster people can get other benefit also.

If you are working and traveling for emergency please boost your immunity in this covid-19 situation.

It has anti-inflammatory,antipyretic which reduce fever and it is useful for to boost immunity .It defence against infection.Infection can be any type in your body this will protect your body.

Giloy reduce fever due to its antipyretic property and help boost immune.

It will remove toxins from body and fight with bacteria.

    How to get Giloy or where can i get Giloy

    You can order online easily to boost immune and You can get it on Agele marmelos.Mostly people get on this tree.

    Benefit of Giloy

    • Giloy is useful for diabetic patient
    • Millions of the people around the world facing diabetic problem.Pandemic over the world effecting millions of people health.your small step can control sugar level.

      Who eat sweets more they faced diabetic health problem.Giloy help to improve your health.It will fight with many health issue.

      It will improve body blood glucose level and it helps to modest sugar level of the body.Boost immune natural insulin secretion and it burn extra sugar in your body.

    • It is useful for cholesterol
    • Many peoples around the world suffer cholesterol problem due to oily food .People eat oily  food in daily routine of life and due to oily food many people face many problems.

      In Indai Pakora is so much famous and Pakora consume so much oil while making this.Which people eat and this increase cholestrol in body.

      Giloy is easiest way to deal with cholesterol health problem If you are facing cholesterol problem .

      Giloy will help to control and Giloy improve immunity.It will improve metabolism.Giloy reduce toxin and toxin increase high cholesterol.

    • It is useful for digestion
    • Many people face digestion problem and help to improve your digestion problem.When people eat it take normally 3 to 4 hours for digestion.It reduce digestion related problem like acidity.

    • It reduce stress
    • Nowadays peoples are more active for job and study.Sometime do not sleep well which effect health.

      People use giloy as adaptogenic which reduce stress and it known as natural stress booster.Giloy helps to clear toxins and make cool your mind .Boost the memory.

    • It is good for eye problem
    • This is good for vision problem also and Giloy will enhance the eye muscles,boost lucidity.Help people see without spakes.

    • It is good for hair loss
    • Normal problem almost for everyone life hair loss.It will help to reduce hair loss .Add 5 to 10 giloy leaves and mix it in grinder.

      Now add 3 tablespoon rose want and 2 tablespoon honey and make paste properly.Apply on scalp leave for 2 hours now was it with any herbal shampoo.

    • It is good for respiratory problem
    • Giloy helps to reduce respiratory problem like cough ,clod and tonsils because max people face this problem in day life.

      some of them due to climate change some of them due to ice cream ,cold drink .it has ant-inflammatory and it also breathing problem due to clod ,cough and it boost immune.

    • It is good for wounds.
    • When uses of giloy it has other benefits also.It help for skin .Apply Giloy leaves paste on skin and healing process will fast for wounds.

    Pregnant women should not take giloy.


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