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Benefit of yoga

Yoga always makes you feel good

I am going to tell my experience which i felt since childhood.I used to do Yoga with my grandfather.It was really great feelings and it will be.There is many benefits of yoga when you will do daily.

It used to be relax morning and of course energetic morning after doing Yoga daily early in the morning with my all cousin and grandfather used to do really so much fun "Opps".Oh Those days

    It will improve flexibility

    Yoga make you active ,healthy .It will make you flexible and first day of yoga class u will not be flexible.After 8 weeks of yoga class your flexibility wil be increase by 35%.

    You can not get result for the first day.May be you will not be able to do all yoga for the first day.

    Nevertheless do not lose your hope.Carry on You will see improvement after each day .

    You can see glow in your face after doing yoga.If you are facing any health problem hope it will go slowly while doing Yoga continuously.

    It will drop your blood pressure

    Blood pressure is normal problem for people.Some people face this problem due to work and some people face due to health issue.

    People can not take medicine for each problem.College students and working peoples are facing much stress problem due to heavy hard work.

    They do not sleep properly sometime.Daily meeting and semester tension really make you stressful some time.

    Yoga should be must for them and for everyone.It should be like daily routine in life.Yoga is naturally therapy to make you relax .So what should do .

    Let do the Yoga.If you are doing daily yoga it will decrease your blood pressure and naturally it reduce hypertension which increased by stress.

    Your Focus will increase

    Nowadays people get distract easily .Many things are they in world which can distract you instagram,Facebook,Youtube.You can benefit from these.

    But people get distract which impact your study and career too and it impact your health also.many times .

    you can not sleep properly.Focus is really important for each and everyone, focus for career,focus for health,focus for study.

    If you are working your concentration should be for your work.If your are student your focus should be on your study.

    But it won't sometime due different tension in life. It will increase your focus .

    Concentration will increase for your study and work too.People get less distract by thought which really help to improve self.

    It will help to reduce stress

    Stress is normal problem almost everyone face it can be due to study,work pressure or relationship yoga can ward off your stress problem.

    If you are doing daily yoga it can help to improve your power to fight with any stress.

    Maximum time people face stress problem due to work pressure if you are sending daily status and attending daily definitely you will face stress.

    It improve your thinking power

    If you are doing daily it can help you to improve your thing power which is important for your study and career.

    For your study thinking power is more important to learn new topic and solve any problem.If you are working then also your thinking power should increase to do you work and to learn new skills .

    If your thinking power is increasing you can get more benefit in your career as well as your bussiness.

    It can improve sleeping power

    It can get help to reduce your sleeping problem .

    If you are facing sleeping problem which is everyone facing due to different reason some due to work pressure and someone due to relationship and someone due to study.When you are doing daily yoga you will get many benefit of yoga


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