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you can do anythig exercises or yoga which will be best for you.Yoga give you strength to think good.You can do exercises at home.

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    1 Lunges:


    While doing this exercise it increase strength of legs and glutes.

    Step1.Stand up tall.

    Step2.Step forward your one leg till when your leg reach to 90 degree angle.

    Step3.Now shift your weight forward.

    step4.With your heel now hit the floor and use your left leg for support

    2 Pushups :

    Pushups are one of the most basic yet effective ,body weight move you.

    Step1: Stand up and then come down and keep your palms on floor.

    Step2:Your hand should be little bit right around your shoulder width apart.Now flat your body perfectly and your hip should not sag down and should not be high.

    Your body should be straight line while going down you should be in perfectly plank position and totally flat.while going up you should go straight back to starting position.

    There should not be any moment from shoulder and everything should be straight.

    3  Squats:

    Squats increase lower body and core strength as well as flexibility in your lower back and hips.

     Step1:First Stand up  

    Step2:Keep your leg at similar width of your shoulder and left your arm up in front of you for balance.

    Your back should be absolutely straight and do not arch your back inwards and outwards.

    Your back and neck both should be in one line now your hips should be back.Feel your are setting on chair now your hip and ties must be parallel to the floor.

    Maintain your position and come up to the neutral position .

    Spep3:When you are sitting down in a squats position your knee do not collapse while doing the squats when you are going down inhale and when you are coming up exhale.

    4 Standing overhead dumbbell presses:

     Compound exercises,which utilize multiple joints muscles ,shoulder ,upper back.

     Step1:First stand up and keep your  back straight.

    Step2:Now take dumbbell and hold in both hand grip it properly .Part of finger should be facing up.

    Step 3:Raise your hand up and control your motion .while exhaling 

    Step4:Exchange  the dumbbell   to other other shoulders while inhaling

    5 Dumbbell Row:

    This exercise may your back look killer in small dress and It is another compound exercise that strength multiple muscles in your upper body.

    Step1:Stand up. Hold dumbbell in both  hand and grip.

    Step2:So start with your feet about hip distance apart or keep your both leg at some distance .Now bend your knees slightly.

    Hinge at the hips and now allow chest to come down .Go ahead roll your solder back now give a row squeezing the shoulder blades and coming back down.Finish up last row squeeze to top and release.

    6 Single-leg-deadlifts:

    This exercise challenge your balance.

    Step1:Stand up with your both feet and under your hips.

    Step2:Your dumbbell should be in opposite hand which leg you will keep on the floor.Dumbbell  should be in  same side of the arm of the  leg which is elevated.

    Step3:when u stand up with your single leg deadlift .Your standing knee will be slight bend .

    Step4:Now you have to press the tail bone back with a flat back.Now slowly lowering down and lifting up.Neck should be neutral neck so shoulder should do not crunch over.

    Step5:Flex the foot pull the toe towards the shins so that your floating leg will be activated through the back side.

    so when i will my single leg deadlift by pulling the toe in towards the shin and i will be able to fire up this glute.

    it will maintain balance so i can slowly hinge forward and try Ten best exercises early in the morning.

    7 Burpees:

    It effect whole body movement  that provides great bang for your buck cardiovascular endurance and muscles strength.

    Step1:First stand up and go to in squat position .Now down  your both hand on floor while bending your keens when your palms touch the ground jump your feet backward quickly lower down into bottom of a push-up position.

    Push back up your self while jumping your feet forward between your hand now immediately jump straight off the ground land softly and repeat.Do Ten best exercises for a day.

    8 Jumping Jacks:

    Time to get heart rat up

     Step1:Stand up with your feet together and your arms at your side in jumping motion.

    step2:Move your feet out to your side so that they are approximately shoulder width apart swings your arms over your head.

    And the jump back into your starting position and make sure your stomach branched landing soft and your eyes are straight ahead.

    9 Touchdown Lunges:

    Touchdown lunges will make your quads burn in a matter a seconds.

    Step1:First stand up.

    Step2:One leg should be forward and one leg should be back .Now drop your body down and do this process from your front leg.

    Keep the knee over the ankle ,the knee behind the toes and do Ten best exercisesfor a day.

    step3:Stepping forward lunge repeat the process .Now just go back and do step backward.

    10 Jump Squats :

    Finish the round with another leg burner ,the 180 jump

    Step1:First stand up tall.

    Step 2:Bring your feet little bet  winder than shoulder-width apart and now your toes are pointed forward.

    Step3:Now you will be in position of squat and back your hips. The weight loaded n your heels.Your all weight should you push back.

    And low in your squat.Now you have to drive your those squat  leg position and jump up .Moving your hand back and   put some power while jumping.

    Squat all the way down and bring arms forward now you will jump up and push your arms back behind you give some extra power from your legs.Take it down and up.If you will do exercises daily you get many health benefits.


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