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Its depend on your stream and academic percentage.If you want to go for MNC company job you should maintain eligibility criteria.which is different for each MNC company

NOTE:If you want to earn money after your Engineering follow up this.

1 Focus on campus

As a fresher first opportunity for you is campus placement.Give your 100% to get job in any Company who is visiting your college for campus placement.

Go through previous year question of MNC company which company test you are going to write during placement

2 Off campus

If you did not get select in your college campus placement.DO NO GET FED UP!.
Do some course which is in market like Web developing ,python,SAP etc.

And it will be great if you have completed course during your college period java
and OOPS because may be it can be in your college syllabus by reason off it will
add plus point in your profile as a fresher.


3 Get Training for any technical laguage

Get training in any institute who is giving training for techanical language as well giving certificate for technical language.

And it will arrange some company where you can give interview to get job.


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