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Amla benefit for health

Still I remembered during school days we used to plug the gooseberry and used to eat in ous school days.

It has many benefits for health and Gooseberry contain Antioxidant which help you to fight with many health issue.It is source of vitamin A,vitamin C,vitamin E.All these vitamins are good for body.

    Good for hair

    It is good for hair growth.Provide strength to your hair and make your hair silky it will reduce dandruff.

    How to use Gooseberry for hair

    Take a iron bowl or normal bowl and add 2 cup water in iron ball .

    According to your hair length pour gooseberry and sapindus together in bowl leave for overnight or for two days.

    Now bring out gooseberry and sapindus make a mixture in juicer machine or u can make paste on grinding stone.

    Now add this paste in water in which water earlier you had poured gooseberry and sapindus.Mix it properly. U can use gooseberry powder and spanidus powder after mix this in normal water.

    Now apply on your slap with your hand,Leave for 1 to 2 hours after that wash with normal water .After wash your hair definitely you see difference in your hair.

    Good for health skin

    Nowadays everyone is so conscious about health due to covid-19 so let take good food which will help you to improve your health.Gooseberry juice is good for skin as well for your hair.

    Natural products are always good if you are using natural product you will not face any side effect once you will get habituate to natural product you will always use this. 

    How to make Gooseberry juice

    Let see Benefit of gooseberry Take gooseberry and wash it.Now cut Gooseberry into the small pieces and mix this unless it become paste.

    • Add 1 cup water
    • Add 2 tablespoon honey
    • Add black salt according to test
    • Add cardamom power litte bit
    • Add sugar according to test

    Good for eyesight

    If you are daily consuming gooseberry it will improve your eye vision.By reason of it contain vitamin A and carotene.

    Good for immunity

    Gooseberry will help you to boost your immunity.Due to covid-19 everyone want to boost immunity.

    Few peoples are taking good and healthy food and few of them taking protein to boost immunity system due to covid-19.Easy way to boost your immunity consume gooseberry.

    Give everyone one glass juice of gooseberry in your family and boost immunity.

    If you are consuming dry gooseberry it can improve power to take water and after eating dry gooseberry.

    you will like to take water and you will feel more thirsty if you are consuming more water it ward off your body from dehydration problem which occur in hot summer.

    Burn fat

    It will help you to burn your fat.when you are consuming gooseberry juice daily it will increase metabolism which help to reduce weight loss.Slow metabolism is one of the reason to increase your weight.

    It will remove bad toxins from your body.It is good for digestion.

    It help to reduce pain

    If you are suffering ulcer take one glass of gooseberry .you will get relief after take 1 cup of gooseberry juice.

    It stop cold

    It will help you to fight with cold and cough.It has vitamin C and it ward off viral infection.Add two teaspoon of gooseberry powder and two teaspoon of honey and mix it.

    Take two and tree times a day or at least once daily.it will help to ward off cold and cough.Take every day or give family member too if anyone is suffering from cold and cough.It is good for health benefit.

    If you are taking one small piece dry of gooseberry and see Benefit of gooseberry.Add amla in your life you will get benefits for health .you will feel more thirsty and you will consume more water which is good for benefits of health


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