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Prepare best onion oil for hair fall control

When we talk about onion in India people add onion in all vegetable while cooking to make vegetable more testy.Onion oil is solution for hair fall.

Onion contain vitamin c,Potassium.Vitamin B9,Onion oil ward off hair fall and it will make your hair strong.It has antioxidant ,anti-bacteria,anti-inflammatory which is good for slap and hair. onion has many health benefit.

some people love to it in food with salt.And In India people love to eat onion salad.If you have home garden at your home and onion is there .

Take onion from there its good and it will be pure else You can order organic onion online which will be good for hair Onion oil.

Many people face hair fall problem and they have tried many product nevertheless some of them getting relax and some of them are not getting relax.

For different people hair follow problem reason can be different so let try at home and make onion oil.

    • Cut two Onion and grain it do not add water .Add mustard or coconut oil curry leaves then grain again.Gran it till when it become paste.

    • Gralic -1/4 cup

    • Coconut Oil-1 cup

    • Mustard Oil-1 cup

    • Vitamin E Capsules

    • Mix it properly

    • Now add all mixture paste on hot pot and later add Coconut oil in this mixture.Gas flame should be low.

    • After 6 to 12 minutes and make flame high and let it come boil.

    • Now low the flame again and keep at there for 10 to 16 minutes after 16 minutes you will see your oil became dark.

    • Leave this mixture for whole night and later you can pour this oil in any bottle and stored oil people can use later also .

    • And you can use this onion oil weekly.

    Benefit of Onion oil

    Ward off breakage

    It contain sulfur.Many people face hair breakage problem and it really look bad and impact personality sometime people try to hide breakage from cloth so let try this to remove hair breakage problem.

    People try many product to prevent breakage problem sometimes help to ward off breakage problem and sometimes not .

    So people should try different home made product which will be chemical free and it will effect hair.if you are using onion oil it will help you to stop this problem.

    Stop infection

    If you are applying on your slap it will ward off bacteria.Dandruff is normal problem for almost everyone and people try many product to ward off dandruff problem.

    Sometime it work and sometime not. once try this to prevent dandruff problem and it will fight with dandruff.

    Some time people apply curd and lemon to prevent dandruff issue.So try this hope it will work and hair will be silky .

    It has antioxidants

    It has antioxidants like Flavonoids .Regular use of onion oil reduce hair falling problem which bother everyone who face hair fall problem and they try different product to prevent hair loss problem.

    Once use this home made product hope your hair loss problem will be reduce after use onion oil.

    Enhance hair

    Everyone like to make hair silky and they try many products to make hair silky .Let try It will make your hair silky.

    Many home product people can made at home and they can apply on hair to make it silky.Click here for home product

    It improve blood circulation

    onion oil improve blood circulation which help to improve hair roots if hair root will be strong it will ward off hair loss problem.


    It has anti-inflammatory properties and onion oil reduce inflammation which help to grow hair .

    If you are using this hair onion oil then make sure you are not allergic.

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