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Eat fruits to increase immunity

Foods That Boost the Immune System in this situation

Eat healthy to increase immunity system of body.

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately,
cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” – William Londen.Eat healthy fruits to increase immunity to be healthy.



    Cheese is good source of calcium and bottle up vitamin A ,Zinc .And cheese is dairy food which boost immunity.

    People like to consume in different way.I think most usable combination is cheese pizza and cheese burger,cheese roll.


    2. Sweet potato

    It has fiber and antioxidant and help to boost immunity.People can eat it in different way .After boil some people like it.

    It contain vitamin C and vitamin D,Calcium ,magnesium.After eating daily sweet potato it control blood sugar.

    Nevertheless best test will be when u cook in fire.People eat sweet potato in many form.Some people like to eat sweet potato in milk .

    People make small-small part of sweet potato and add in milk test will be really good if you did not try yet you should try once.

    3.Orange juice

    It has many health benefit good for skin .Orange juice boost immunity by reason of it has vitamin D ,calcium. Mostly people like to consume orange in juice format.

    Early in the morning in breakfast with  bread and few people like to eat orange only not juice.Orange contain calcium which will help to build bones.If you are consuming orange juice it is good for skin.

    4.Egg Yolks

    People can get this inside center of egg .It contain iron ,vitamin K and D ,A and E.It is source of protein and nutrients which will boost your immunity.

    If people is suffering from blood sugar they should eat by reason of this contain potassium which will help to balance blood sugar level.It has rich source of protein which will help to build muscles.



    Ginger is anti-inflammatory .It ward off high blood pressure.You can eat with honey when you have so much cold and cough.People can consume ginger in many form.

    After add in vegetable people can consume ginger and other most favorite is in tea.Which is call ginger tea. 


    It is source of iron and it is source of many nutrients. i contain vitamin A and Vitamin K.It can provide oxygen to body also.It contain calcium which is good for bones .

    It has magnesium which is good for metabolism .It has magnesium which is good for blood sugar .If you are eating spinach daily it has many health benefit.


    Garlic has specific health benefit and boost immunity. Garlic reduce blood pressure.It is good for cold.It will work like anti-inflammatory.

    People eat garlic in many form.Most eatable form people at in vegetable.

    8.Red bell peppers

    It is great source of vitamin C .Vitamin A and vitamin E.It has antioxidant.It has minerals and potassium.People like to consume with noodle. 



    It is great source of fiber and protein.It contain Vitamin K and Vitamin A and it has potassium and calcium also.

    It contain Vitamin K which help body soak up  calcium if you are eating this vegetable more it will provide strength to your bones. It has fiber so it help to reduce cholesterol.

    People can eat broccoli in many form maximum time people like to eat with noodles and it will be more healthy if you will eat after boil and add black salt.Some people like to eat in combo with mushroom.and Food boost immunity System.


    It has good nutrients and yogurt contain protein and calcium.It boost immune system after consuming Yogurt and body fight with many bacteria.

    It fight with bacteria it is good for digestion.Yogurt contain calcium which will help to build bone in body.After consuming Yogurt it reduce inflammation which is cause of diabetes.


    It is source of protein and fiber.It has magnesium and vitamin E.People can eat in many form.Mostly people like to eat in morning .

    Night people add in almonds in normal water and morning bring out almonds and they eat.Few people consume almonds powder after add in milk.People should eat fruits to increase immunity system.

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