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How to treat a normal cough and cold during covid -19

Nowadays peoples get fed up easily due to normal cough and could by reason of covid-19 If you are suffering from normal cough and cold first day take go through this  home treatment. "Dadi Maa Ke Nuskhe" and after that if you are feeling relax great else contact doctor

    Follow all these steps one by one with Time differences within 60 to 90 minutes


    1. Use only hot water after breakfast ,lunch and dinner if you are facing cold and cough daily you should avoid to eat spicy food and cold food too.

    Like ice-cream ,Cold water cold drink.Junk food also can be the reason if you are eating junk food. Cough and cold are increasing then you should stop to take junk food.

    Sometime junk food can be the reason for dry cough also if you are eating junk food and your dry cough problem is increasing then you should stop to eat junk food.

    Junk food is unhealthy everyone nevertheless people do not leave to eat by reason of test.

    Junk food contain more calories which is not good for health.If you will avoid to eat them will be.Because health is wealth we should not forget.


    2. Put clove and black paper ( NOT BLACK POWDER!!) in water and boil for 5 minutes take it 3 times a day.

    Do not take much clove if you will consume more clove mouth ulcer can be the reason after consume more clove.


    3 . Ginger has many health benefit it contain many vitamin C and Vitamin B.Ginger has antioxidant which ward off stress.In india people like to consume in many form.

    Most eatable form is paste people like to consume after at in vegetable.A mixture of Ginger and Honey is easy to consume and has tons of benefits take it at least 4 times a day.


    4. Garlic and Mustard Oil mixed it and warm for a few minutes take the warm oil.


    5.  Take kadha  Of Giloy if its available at your home great else you can but online.

    Add small stick of giloy or add one teaspoon of powder in one glass of water and boil this for 10 minutes then it half cup day and night which will ward off your cold and cough.

    Giloy has many health benefit and giloy contain alkaloids and glycosides.Giloy has vitamin C.

    People can consume giloy in many form if at your home giloy is available you can consume giloy leave also after boil leave in water and consume giloy that water.

    If its not available at your home you can consume giloy power also easily it is available in market you can order online.Nevertheless Giloy sprig is the best .

    Make small part of giloy sprig and first press it slowly at least 3 small part should be there then add all these giloy in water.

    Boil this giloy in water at least for 20-30 minutes after that you can consume this.


    6. If you are facing tonsil problem due to cold which people can face sometime during cold.Take one cup of salt and make it hot on any pot.

    Now keep hot salt on cotton cloth and slowly slowly keep on your tonsil hope you will get relax.


    7. Add clove and ginger in one glass of water now u can take this as Kadha it will help to reduce your cold and cough.

    "rub with your hand on nose and ( both side of throat!! ) slowly-slowly

    While this treatment (DO NOT USE FAN AND AC!!!) hope you will get fine

    if your are suffering from normal cough and could in this situation

    Kindly say your opening if you got benefit from this treatment


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