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Take care of Child Health

  • Kids  specially, who can understand things . They are  get anxious when we are ward off them to go to out side and lot a of question they are asking.

    Talk to them to clear all confusion.why we are not going outside?

    Engaged Kids at Home

    • Cooking can really engaged anyone while cooking call them and involve in small-small work.Say to them bring all small stuff and after taking all necessary ingredient again say to them keep on the same place.

      When you will open gas say to them seat anywhere i am coming with your food else say to them decorate dining table. 

    • Say to them to play indoor games,Lodu,Carrom Board and Participate in all games with them.

      If many kids are at your home then divide in team and involve them in team all kids will get involve and they will not go outside.

    • Kids can really enjoy while watching movie allow to watch TV cartoon and presume for online study class which is really important for kids education by reason of all schools are close and kids are getting much time to play and watch TV.

    • Help kids to complete his/her home work and talk to them .They will get involve with you in between kid will complete his/her home work too while talking to them remind kids about work also if they are stopping to write.

    • If kids are completing home work on time and much time they have .

      Try to teach them new topic or new things definitely kids will show much interest to learn new things.

      I am telling my experience by reason  of i am spending time with my nephew so i am observing them.They are showing much interest to learn new things.

    • You can involve kids in indoor game too like carrom Board,ludo king.Not online ludo. In normal ludo they will get more interest.

      we can engage them to play charades (dumb shell art) and you can also get involve with them.

      At my home i have two nephews and i play with them .Kids can not remember movie name or actor or actress name .

      So give them any animals name or house stuff name then say to them .Act according to this name definitely they will enjoy and u too.They will be at home and safe.

    • Make kadha at home and involve them to help you .You can make different type of kadha and give them to boost immunity.

      Talk to them about food which boost immunity and give that food to kids .Explain them why immunity booster food is more important in nowadays in life .They will eat that food  properly.

    • Presume teenager  for Home work,cleaning the house,mop.If they have much time say to them attend some extra class or then they can learn extra skills.

    • After few month teenager will attend board exam,IIT entrance,AIIMS entrance motivate them to study.

      If they have much time then they can study more which will be helpful to clear exam.

      Help them if you know subject it will be great for them.Take care of them for food too and they should be sleep on time and get up on time.

      which is more important for study mind should be peace.

    Eating Healthy Food

    • To increase immunity system of body everyone should eat healthy food.

    • Soybean,Moshrooms,Garlic,Eags should eat.

    • Nowadays,Most of people is not going to get sun light nevertheless we need Vitamin D.

    • Orange juice,Cheese can be source of Vitamin D.

    • Include Giloy in your daily life routine which will boost your immunity.Easily you can get this on Aegle marmelos tree or you get online.

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