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Tips to care your self during coronavirus pandemic

1 Health care

As we know this is third Quarantine announced by government of India. Everyone know this is touch time due to covid-19.

Its too important to take care our self and as well family,friends,love onces. Eat healthy food  to increase immunity system of your body.

Most of people is not going in sunlight nowadays nevertheless everyone should get Vitamin D. 

But we are not getting!! So what should we do? we should eat Food that provide Vitamin D.

    Foods are:


    It bottle up vitamin A and D,zinc ,protein which help us to boost immunity to our body.

    Dairy foods are milk,cheese .It is good source of nutrients.You can consume cheese in many form.

    Most usable form of eating cheese people love to eat cheese in pizza and burger.

    Some of people love to eat veg roll cheese and it is easy to cook and easy to eat.Nowadays people love to eat pizza with extra cheese.


    It is source of fibre and protein and it contain vitamin calcium ,potassium ,selenium ,Vitamin E,K,A,C. These vitamins are good for your body in this situation.

    People love to eat Broccoli with veg noodles and really test will be so good when you will make noodles with Broccoli and it is consider as most healthy food.

    Few people love to eat Broccoli after boil after add black salt it will be healthy food.

    C.Orange juice

    Orange juice bottle up Vitamin D and potassium and it is high in antioxidant.

    If you are consuming orange juice daily it will help you to boost immunity in your body and making process of orange juice is so easy.

    We can consume orange juice with bread.you can consume in many form.

    Most of people like to eat with bread in break fast.Few people like to consume in form of juice and some of them like to eat only orange.

    D.Egg Yolks

    Egg Yolks are the yellow part of egg which will be at center of egg.

    It provide nutrients.You can consume this in many form.Egg carry and after boil of egg and separate it.


    It wad off cough and cold after consuming if you are suffering from cold and cough.

    In Indai people consume Garlic in many form.Mostly people like to eat in vegetable and add garlic as paste.

    Few people add garlic directly in vegetable after that they eat garlic directly if they are suffering from cough and cold.

    And you can use garlic if you are suffering from teeth pain really it will help you to relax.

    Keep it inside your teeth where you are feeling pain else you can make juice of garlic and apply on your teeth hope you will get relax.

    F.Exercise( yoga)

    Fitness is more important in this period to strong our immunity system of body.

    Yoga always make you feel good nevertheless in this situation yoga is more importance.People should do yoga daily.

    Morning yoga will be more effective so do not miss to do yoga in the morning .Bring out 30 min daily from your life to do yoga.Yoga will really give you peace.

    • Do yoga daily at least early in the morning and evening too if possible
    • Alulom vilom,a form of alternate nostril  breathing.

    • If you have any serious health issue or any problem which impacting your health more please before doing any yoga contact doctor.

    3 Meditation

    • After doing meditation will be feel relax and u will feel positive which is good for body in this situation we should feel positive.

      It will help you to fight with many things which is going on around the world right now.Self care during coronavirus pandemic is more important for you and your near dear.Stay home stay safe.

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